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Starting therapy isn’t easy. You need to be ready to make changes in your life. If you’re tired of being tired, anxious, angry, sad, insecure, or scared, we can help. Call or Email for a free visit.

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A sadness that won’t go away, feeling helpless and hopeless, lack of energy, not enjoying activities that used to bring you joy, isolating yourself, irritability, thoughts of harming yourself… These are common signs and symptoms of depression. If this sounds familiar, contact us right away.







Racing thoughts, constant worry, shaking, feeling like you’ve had too much caffeine, heart racing, feeling overwhelmed, angry outbursts, panic attacks… Life can feel out of control when you’re dealing with anxiety. We can help you gain control and a feeling of peace and contentment in your life.

Chronic pain


Millions of Americans suffer from Chronic Pain. It’s an epidemic that has led to the opioid crisis, addiction, people watching as their lives pass them by. We can help. Your pain is not all in your head. However, your mind is a powerful tool in learning to relax muscles and re-route neural pathways that reinforce and intensify pain. You can control and eliminate your pain to get your life back.